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From manicured yards to pasture drainage...The Ditch Box is the answer. There are no industry equivalents to The Ditch Box.

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The Ditch Box is used behind a farm tractor to cut a contoured drainage ditch without leaving any overburden and/or spoil beside the ditch. It is easily adjustable from zero to over eight inches in depth to obtain the required drainage needed for the application. The operator can also increase or decrease depth while in use and moving, to suit drainage needs. The Ditch Box is offered in two variations, the Original Ditch Box and the Ditch Box LT.


There is nothing else like The Ditch Box to make your ditch digging easier!

How do I get
The Ditch Box?

We are standing by ready to help you. Call us at (318) 838-5357 or send us an email to or We will answer any of your questions and walk you through your purchase.

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The all new DITCH BOX LT

The original DITCH BOX

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SPI is the proud distributor of The Ditch Box. SPI specializes in finding hard to find products and bringing innovative solutions to market. At SPI, solutions are our specialty!

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